The Mulatto Capital Article – New York Herald 1872

New York: Robert M. De Witt , Publisher
NEW YORK HERALD February 26, 1872

Origin of the Free Negro Settlement

Lumberton, N.C., Feb. 26,1872
At the same time Robeson county had 126 slave mulattoes 5,329 slave blacks. Altogether the county contained 15,489 souls……………..

“It stood considerably above the average counties of the State in slaves and population, and out of the full-blooded Indians ascribed to North Carolina, “NONE“ were set down either to Robeson or Halifax county or Scuffletown, this free negro settlement an immemorial free negro settlement–one of the two large aggregations of yellow men which has existed in North Carolina since the organization of society.”

“I conceive that these negroes might have been the slaves of tories driven from the State at the close of the Revolution, or of the emancipated slaves of the Quakers, and that they increased and multiplied by accessions from runaways of all neighboring free negroes with a homogenous settlement.”

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