Early Webb’s of Southeastern North Carolina

Daniel Webb, born say 1646, was a tithable slave in the Northampton County, Virginia household of Captain John Custis from 1664 to 1677, called Daniel Negro from 1664 to 1671 and called Daniel Webb when he was listed with Isbell Webb } Negroes in 1677 [Orders 1657-64, fol.198; 1664-74, p.15, fol.42, p.55, fol.114; OW&c 1674-79, 191].

He was witness to the 6 February 1677 Northampton County will of “King Tony Negro” [Orders, Wills 1674-9, 247].

Daniel was probably the father of several children born to Ann Williams, a white indentured servant.

Two of their children, Jane and Ann, were listed in 1693 in the Northampton County will of Henry Warren, a neighbor of Captain Custis [OW 1689-98, 261-2; OW&c 1674-79, 191]. Warren’s widow Susanna married Hamond Firkette, and Ann’s “Maletto” daughter Anne Williams was bound apprentice to him on 30 November 1699. The indenture required Firkette to pay Henry Warren’s daughter Esther 1,000 pounds of tobacco at the expiration of the indenture when Anne reached the age of eighteen years [OW&c 1698-1710, 30].

Daniel was the father of
i. Daniel, born about 1666.
ii. Jane, born about 1682.
iii. Ann, born in September or October 1686, named in Henry Warren’s Northampton County will, a thirteen-year-old “Maletto childe” called Anne Williams when she was bound to Hamond Firkette of Northampton County on 30 November 1699 [OW&c 1698-1710, 30].


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