William Freeman 1754

William, born say 1754, a “Black” taxable in Bladen County, called “free Will” in 1771 and called William Freeman when he was a “Mixt Blood” taxable on one male and one female in 1774.

He was taxable on two males in 1775, and taxable on 100 acres, two horses, and three head of cattle in 1779 [Byrd, Bladen County Tax Lists, I:53, 124; II:36, 141].

He was taxable in Bladen County on 100 acres and one black poll in Captain Dupree’s District in 1784 [1784 Bladen County Tax List, 13].

He was head of a New Hanover County household of 2 “other free” in 1790 [NC:194].

His son may be:
Stephen Freeman, born say 1780.

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