Samuel Freeman 1751

Samuel Freeman, born say 1751, was a “Negro” man taxable in Bladen County in 1768 and 1770, taxable in the household of Isaac Hays in 1771 and 1772, listed with the “Mixt Blood” taxables in one list for 1774 and called a “free Negro” taxable in John Smith’s list for 1774 when he was taxable on one male and one female, and taxable on a horse in 1779 [Byrd, Bladen County Tax Lists, I:12, 40, 51, 76, 91, 124, 125; II:141].

He was head of an Onslow County household of 8 “other free” in 1790 [NC:197], 14 in Brunswick County in 1800 [NC:13], and 9 in Bladen County in 1810 [NC:196].

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