Roger Freeman 1753

Roger Freeman, born say 1753, was a “Negro” man taxable in Bladen County in 1768 and 1770, taxable on 50 acres, a horse and three head of cattle in 1779, and taxable on 150 acres and one black poll in Captain Dupree’s District of Bladen County in 1784.

He was head of a Bladen County household of two Blacks from 12 to 50 years old and six Blacks over 50 or under 12 years in 1786 [Byrd, Bladen County Tax Lists, I:12, 40, 51; II:169; 1784 Bladen County Tax List, 13].

He was head of an Onslow County household of 7 “other free” in 1790 [NC:197], and 8 in 1800 [NC:14]. His widow may have been Elizabeth Freeman, head of a Brunswick County household of 7 “other free” in 1810 [NC:228].

He may have been the father of:
His children may have been:
i. James Freeman, born say 1770.
ii. Eleanor “Nelly” Freeman, born say 1778.
iii. C? Freeman, born say 1790.
iv. Elias Freeman, born say 1791.

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