Early Freeman’s of Southeastern North Carolina

Abraham Freeman, born say 1730, was a “free Negro” taxable in Bladen County with (his wife?) Sue and (daughter?) Rachel in 1763 (called “Abrm. Sue Rachal free Negroes”).

He was a “Negro” man taxable in Bladen County from 1768 to 1779 (called Abraham Freeman from 1768 to 1770 and called “free Abe” in 1771), taxable on three males and one female in 1774, taxable on three males in 1775, and taxable on 300 acres, five horses and fifteen head of cattle in 1779 [Byrd, Bladen County Tax Lists, I:12, 40, 51, 53, 124; II:36, 141].

His first wife was Susanna Hays who was taxable with him in Bladen County from 1763 to 1771.

He and Abigail Chavis were named as executors of the 21 May 1793 Bladen County will of James Moore [Campbell, Abstracts of Wills, Bladen County, 54].

He sold 600 acres in Bladen County on Platt Swamp on 20 July 1799 [DB 1:261].

He was head of a Brunswick County household of 10 “other free” in 1800 [NC:13] and 5 “other free” in Bladen County in 1810 (called Abraham Freeman, Senr.) [NC:196].

He had the following kids with Susannah Hays:
i. Rachel Freeman, born say 1748.
ii. Benjamin Freeman, born say 1750.
iii. Samuel Freeman, born say 1751.
iv. Roger Freeman, born say 1753.
v. William Freeman, born say 1754.

He had the following kids with “Unknown” Jacobs:
i. Jacob Freeman, born say 1772.
ii. Isaac Freeman, born say 1776.
iii. Moses Freeman Sr., born say 1780.
iv. Abraham Freeman (Jr.), born say 1782.
v. Edith “Delphia” Freeman, born say 1786.
vi. Alexander Freeman, born say 1788.



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